Pre Test Checks

CheckYour Documents | Vehicle Checks

Please remember if your vehicle or any of the documentation is not up to standard then the Tester may refuse to complete the test.You will also have to forfeit your application fee and re-apply. So before you arrive at the Test Centre on the day of your test there are a number of checks you should make to insure everything is in order.

Some of the checks outlined below are standard and you will be advised of these when you receive your letter of notification from the Department. The rest of these checks are included from experiences that have been known to happen.

You should be in the test centre before the appointed time of your test. If you are late, the test cannot be conducted and the fee will be forfeited.

Documentation: Make sure you have the following documents and they are valid.(check all dates)

  • driving licence
  • motor tax
  • nct or mot
  • insurance

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Your Vehicle: A general guide is that your vehicle should be in the same condition as it would having just passed an NCT test.

  • l-plates front and rear (a rectangular sign with the letter ‘l’ not less than fifteen centimetres high in red on a white background and a border of at least 2 centimetres). do not cut the ‘l’ out.
  • have your vehicle neat, tidy and as clean as possible
  • tyres must be roadworthy (minimum thread depth of 1.6mm)
  • the passanger side door must work properly from inside and outside.
  • the seat belts must be in working order.
  • the passanger seat must be fully adjustable to the testers requirements.
  • there should be no error lights on the dashboard.
  • no bad cracks on the windscreen.( a crack must not interfere with visibility)
  • your handbrake should be strong enough to hold the car on a steep hill.
  • there should not be any fumes or leakages into the vehicle.
  • brake lights must be working.
  • indicators must be working and the bulb should be orange not white.
  • if you do your test in a van the back should be cleared out or at least all items must be secured.

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